Trak taśmowy SERRA Montana MD 90 oraz Montana ME 90

Serra Maschinenbau GmbH

Serra Maschinenbau GmbH

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If you want to enter the lucrative pay cut, but you want to start with a smaller mobile sawmill, the Montana 90 is the right machine for you.
The saw head is angled granting you much better results than with a band saw that cuts at an angle of 90°.  Various hydraulic packages help you log manipulation.

The main frame of a horizontal band sawmill is the foundation on which the log lies on and the saw head runs on. Here, maximum stability is required and this is achieved through two very strong  double T beams, between which the log supporters  are welded. Each log supporter  has the same holes
Because all the cross members have the same holes,Whether the squaring arms, roller drums, clamps or toe boards with clamps, the hole pattern always fits.
This allows you to choose a structure at the order that is designed according to your personal taste.
Later, this structure can also change again and thus adapts to your business development.

The resistance value of the Montana 90 is especially to be highlighted, because the supporting entire RRA want that you are happy with our your investment.


If you decide yourself for the diesel version (MD 90), you will benefit from ablolute power independence. In cooperation with the company Kubota we developed a engine concept especially for the conditions of mobile sawmills. Four water-cooled cylinders have a total capacity of 1.5 liters and provide 26.2 kW (35 hp) directly for the saw blade available. Multiple speeds are selectable. The fuel consumption is only 2.5 liters per hour.