Trak taśmowy SERRA Africa XE 135 / XE 160

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The biggest sawmills for hard wood

The Africa series is especially made for extreme hard and strong logs and it is only used as stationary.  Between two double T beams are 20mm strong iron plates (Log supporters).
On those log supporters you can place the heaviest logs. The XE 160 is a sawmill, with a driving wheel diameter of 1.000mm. This machine is able to process logs up to a diameter of 160cm.  In order to grant the operator a good overview, we offer a  cabin that hydraulically drives up and down as well as sideways. In the picture above you can see the open version of the cabin.  The oak on the picture above has a diameter of 140 cm.

The electric main engine of the XE 160 counts with powerful 45kW. The sawhead is placed diagonally to the main frame. You can choose among the different powerful accessories for the hydraulic log handling and where do they have to be installed in the main frame.

This sawmill XE160 is mainly used in the rain forest or in special industries with special requirements world wide. This model comes also in a smaller version known as XE 135 as stationary alternative to the Bavaria SE 135. Lots of sawmillers decide for the smaller version XE 135 because it fulfills their requirements, its heavy duty strong frame and because they want to cut only in a stationary way.

Dane techniczne

Capacities XE 135 XE160
Log length* from 0,7 m from 0,7 m
Log diameter 135 cm 160 cm
Space above the sawblade 50 cm 70 cm
Space below the sawblade 112 cm 140 cm
Width of cut 99 cm 140 cm
Performance / 8H ** 33 fm 40 fm
Main engine
22 kW electric 32 kW electric
32 kW electric (option) 45 kW electric (option)
Sawblades (Millimeter)
Width 120 oder 140 150
Thick 1,1 1,24
Length 5520 up to 6020 7110 up to 7605
Hydraulic equipment
Log Handling hydraulisch hydraulisch
(loading, turning, clamping…)
Sawhead advance electric electric
Height adjustments electric electric
Sawblade guidance hydraulic hydraulic
Precutter yes yes
Sawdust container yes yes
Digitale Anzeige yes yes
Computer yes yes
Automatic operation yes yes
Working measurements
Height 3,10 m 3,70 m
Width 3,50 m 3,50 m
Length* as required as required
Weight*** ca. 6 to ca. 8 to